The Importance Of A Landing Page

The Importance Of A Landing Page


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A landing page generally is any web page that a visitor can land on after clicking on a link to your site; however, in the online marketing realm, it is generally a standalone page, separate from any other webpage or even any other web page, which serves a single and concentrated purpose. A landing page is usually a follow-up to whatever claims you have made in your content, often with an offer to receive something free or at least to visit a specific site. The page may also be used as the home page for your site; and it is important that any visitor who comes to your landing page be given the proper incentives to stay and explore more of your site.


These incentives can be in many forms, but typically include offering related products or services and offering free updates to your site. The main idea behind landing pages is to create a sense of urgency to the visitors so that they will either stay on the landing page or return to the original website in order to receive your incentives or products. In most cases, landing pages are used in conjunction with social media sites. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ all provide opportunities for internet marketers to generate traffic and leads from the traffic that arrives at their websites; the links that are posted on these social media sites, usually lead to landing pages.


Landing pages work especially well when used in conjunction with the homepage. As mentioned above, a landing page may serve a single purpose or multiple purposes; however, the purpose behind each page varies greatly. If you create a homepage which includes the main body of your content and then add an opt-in form to the bottom of the page; then it is likely that this will cause readers to leave the page before reaching the end of the headline – thereby, creating a net loss for you and for your business. Instead, create a strong introductory sentence on your homepage, and then create a strong, captivating headline – which encourages readers to stay on the page and to click through to the landing page in order to receive the incentive or product being offered by the marketer.




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